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hi everyone,

I have been trying for over 1yr now to have a problem with enabling "BPay View" for AGL bill payment.

I can confirm it is not a bank issue, the problem is that AGL rejects the request for BPay View.


For those not familiar with BPay View; it enables your bank to receive the bill and flag it with you. In my case, it makes scheduling my bill payments easier by putting my bill all in one place.


I have spoken with AGL a number of times. No one really understand "BPay View", nor can they explain to me why the "BPay View" request from my bank account is being rejected by the AGL system.

I use "BPay View" for other (non-AGL) bills without any problem. AGL is the only problem child.


1. Has anyone been able to use "BPay View" to receive AGL bills?

2. Does anyone at AGL know/understand how "BPay View" works and can help resolve this problem?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @AnnaM3000,


Thanks for getting in touch. I can certainly help to set up your account with BPay View. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you. 




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I have similar issues with BPay View but my bank claims to have been given a successful registration but I never get a bill via my bank

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for such a simple/common (BillPay View) service that other companies can provide, AGL still can't get it right.

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hi Olgi, since our last correspondence I have called from of house and thought things were resolved. I have since tried a number of times to enable BillPay View, and it still fails.

I've tried again today. I'll give it 24hrs to see if it get rejected again.

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I had "BPay View" for AGL bills payment working without any issue for years (both Gas and Elec), Since I had changed the plans on April 2023, it stopped working. Bank's help desk said this is an AGL issue and not a bank issue. BPay View for other non AGL payments works OK. Please assist me to restore it back as it was before April 2023.

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hi Alexmg, I still do not have BPay View working and no help AGL. Very disappointing

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Hi, Did you end up resolving this and get it working? I have the same issue. "AGL Sales Pty Limited had a problem setting up your request to get online bills in NetBank and the CommBank app."

I contact AGL agents and they have no idea about how to fix it. They say it's the bank's issue but it is with AGL.

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Hi Jujiba,

      AGL has not been able to resolve this issue. They advised calling to speak to their support people.

It is an AGL issue with their backend systems. Their staff do not know how it works and can not provide a solution,  they have no clue. Very disappointing, but typical of corporations these days.

Most unfortunate as I use this feature with other providers and it works well.