Bill payments not being updated

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When checking our AGL account via website and AGL app on my iPhone we find there is an overdue bill.  This bill had been paid well before the overdue date.  In fact it was paid on 1st July 2020 & as of 29th July 2020 the AGL app still shows the bill as overdue.  

We have contacted AGL directly & spoke with a representative who advises there is NO overdue bill against our account.

It seems there is a disconnect somewhere in the system which causes an inconvenience and does not reflect our account with AGL correctly.  

We would like AGL to explain why this is happening and to fix this problem.












AGL Community Manager
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Hi @KarenY , shoot me a private message with your account number and I'll have someone investigate to see if there's a technical issue with your app/My Account

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I am having the exact same issue... PDF is incorrect.