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Can someone please explain to me in a "common sense" approach as AGL themselves don't seem to wish to do to as to why a large supposedly modern technologically energy company takes up to 5 to 7 days to process a payment, though of course are very happy to take your payment from your bank instantly and still send out new accounts which show your as being overdue even though their are paid.  Surely in this computerized world of accountancy it should all be done within hours of the funds being received, unless of course the short term money market is put into play... but surely that would not happen, would it?? 

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Hi Tars, 


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We have changed the timeframe for refunds due to credit and security purposes. This is to ensure that the refunds are checked, before they are issued, to ensure they are being returned to the correct person and that the refund is valid (such as if the original payment bounces back and a refund is given unnecessarily). We do appreciate your feedback regarding this, however it's important for us to have these measures in place.


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