$260 difference between two consecutive bills

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Just feeling really confused. I moved in June 2020 to my new address, and AGL connected the power. I did not have an account with AGL before this.

The first bill received in September was for $315.xx. Imagine my shock when I received a new bill today for $58.xx!!!


I am at a loss as to why the major pricing difference. There haven't been any major changes in my life and I'm spending the same amount of time at home.


My home has a smart meter so the readings should be correct? The connection charge for the new account was $11.xx and my concession rebate of $70.xx was applied to both bills.


Have I been charged for usage that should have been paid by the previous tenant?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @dani25 . There could be a number of reasons for the size discrepancy in the bills. If you log in to your My Account page, you can view the bills in detail and check whether there is a large difference in usage, or if the latest includes a credit refund. 

If you need help with understanding your bill, you're always welcome to get in touch with us. Just click the "Message Us" button on your My Account overview page to get started.

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Hi @David_AGL 


I have studied the bills, and I still cannot understand why there's a massive difference. If anything, I expected the most recent bill to be dearer as I've been using the air conditioner sporadically. I didn't use heating, and I'm still at home during similar periods of time. No appliances have been replaced or added since my power was connected.


The live chat feature is unavailable. I called AGL, but I think there was a language barrier with who I have spoken to.


The only reasonable explanation is that the smart meter readings were either incorrect or were taken prior to my connection date. How can I escalate this issue, please?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @dani25 , when you say the live chat function is unavailable, do you mean the Message Us button on your My Account page, or the "chat with us" button on the Contact Us page? These are actually separate systems so it's worth trying both - and please let me know if one or both aren't functioning for you.