$244 Montlhy Electricty bill for a single room apartment with shower

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So I recieved my first electricty bill for this month which was $244. Considereing that my studio aparmtnet doesn't have a kitchen, and the water is heated by the building (not included in my bill), it doesn't match up with the $244 that they're asking for.


I asked my landlord and she pointed out that it maybe becasue I pay monthly and AGL doens't check the meter every month.


I hope I can fix this 😞

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Hi Gabe,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


If you're being billed monthly, and depending on what type of meter you have, your bill may be 'estimated' which means that your bill may not be correct to your true usage. Again, depending on what type of meter you have, you may be able to provide your own meter reading to correct this but if not, monthly billing may not be the best option for you.


Either way, our customer service team will be be happy to help you further! You can get in touch with them by following this link.


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