$185 BILL When Ive disconnected Power

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You - 11:51
I cant believe you guys...seriously. How can you charge me $185 for electricity when the power has been turned off at the main for the last 3 months ? You are scamming me and Im referring the matter to the Ombudsman again
Info - 11:51
You are now connected to Debarati.
You - 11:52
Disconnect it and close my account. Ive had a gutful of AGL
Debarati - 11:52
I will check that for you. Can I quickly have your full name along with the account and mobile number so that I can check your account?
You - 11:52
The account was in credit from the last time I complained to the Ombudsman about a si,ilar issue
I turned the power off at the mains
I do Not occupy the premises
There are no electrical appliances in the flat
Debarati - 11:54
I will check the account,please help me with the registered mobile number aswell.
You - 11:55
I dont use that number anymore....I think it was [REMOVED]
Debarati - 11:56
Thank you for the details,please allow me 2-3 minutes
You - 11:57
I have been stood down at work due to the Corona virus crap
I cant pay that
its absurd
Debarati - 12:00
Thank you for your patience, I can understand your situation , on the bill there is some usage on the account and the reads are showing actual.
You - 12:00
what does that mean
I have two signed Stat Declarations here from my neighbours confirming that I do not occupy the premises
in preparation for the Ombudsman
Im also being charged for water consumption that Im not there to use.
I know thats not your department
something smells here
Debarati - 12:02
I understand that, as you have stated that there wasnt anyone at the property I would request you to contact the resolution team at 131 245 so that they can cancel the bill.
You - 12:03
can you email me a transcript of this conversation
Debarati - 12:03
Click the icon located in the right-hand corner of this chat window to print a copy of this conversation.
You - 12:03
I dont want to print it Luv...just a copy
Debarati - 12:05
You can take screenshot to get the conversation details.


Absolutely Absurd this energy company... I dont occupy the premises and have turned the power off at the mains. I have no electrical appliances in the flat and still get a $185 bill

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Seriouslypissed . Sounds like a really frustrating situation. I don't have access to your account so I can't investigate myself, but after reading your conversation here, I might be able to help out with some insights on the situation:


  • Unless you've called up AGL to request a disconnection, turning the power off at the mains doesn't affect your connection and you will still see the supply charge on your bill, even if no electricity is used

  • The agent you're chatting with mentions that there is some usage on your account, and that your readings are showing as "actual". This means that your electricity meter recorded actual usage from the premises during this period - it's not just estimated. That could be some sort of error but since you also mentioned your water bill showed some usage it does suggest some occupancy. I have no idea what would cause this, but it sounds worth investigating - basically I agree with you that "something smells here".

  • Your best course of action will be to call up the Resolutions team and have them investigate and hopefully cancel out the bill.

  • I'm really sorry to hear you've been hit by the COVID-19 situation and stood down at work. It's a really tough time. If there does end up being some amount you need to pay on your account, check out our COVID-19 Customer Support Program. There's a bunch of options on there to help out people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

    By the way, I edited your personal details out of your post for security reasons, because this is a public forum.