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 Can we get an option in contact preferences (similar to an un-subscribe) in our accounts that excludes the account from being contacted by the contracted telemarketing companies trying to upsell/onsell/resell either changes to energy contracts (bundling electricity) or any other products AGL now has in the market

I've unsubscribed from marketing emails already

i've gotten phone call maybe about 10 times in last 6 month with marketing campaigns and I am not interested in being hassled that much. Its enough to move away from AGL
The targeted advertising in the "My Account" banners is enough

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Thanks for the feedback @NJA , I'd find that annoying myself. I'll pass it along.



Same here and the staff can't take a polite hint either, Just discontinue telemarketing it is truly the most evil invasive of all adverting media and it only serves to turn off your customers. The 1000's of email are more than enough to let us know what offers are available.


Customer out.

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Good news - you're able to adjust your marketing preferences. On your My Account page, click the drop down menu in the top right, and then Account Settings -> Property and plans -> Marketing Communication.


You can opt out of communications here.