why cannot i forward email bills

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i receive agl gas and elec bills by email this month i cannot forward the bills to my partner

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when/how do i get a reply?


AGL Moderator
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Hi Iancollie, Thanks for reaching out. Could you please elaborate on what error/issue you are facing when trying to forward the email to your partner?

One way could be downloading the bill from the email and forwarding it to your partner.

Cheers, Deepesh

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The standard method is to click on the email and then select Forward, add the new email address and then send.


If you are having an issue with this, then your partner can log into your AGL account and view \ download the bills directly.


My house-mate gets the bill sent to them and I simply log into the account and download it myself.


The next electricity bill for us will be available for download on the 3rd Jan 24 and our next water bill on the 20th Dec 23.

Cheers Neil

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