Stuck "Loading" on Website "Overview"

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After doing doing something on the site (can't remember specifically what but it could have involved paying an overdue bill) the website just started getting stuck "Loading".

Being a web developer I checked the network traffic and realised that it was getting a Bad Request response to a call going to (the first call to this sub-domain). The response to that request was trying to verify that I am not a bot. I would have no way of viewing that response were I not looking at network traffic.

I passed its check to make sure I was in fact a human being, and then it happily went back to functioning correctly.

I would recommend either not placing a bot check on the api, or if you do ... make sure the frontend can handle it.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @arbixal  -  Appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time. I'll pass it along to the devs.