Netcomm NF20MESH VoIP Account Setting Missing After Modem Reset

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After resetting the Netcomm NF20MESH, I notice the VoIP Account Setting are missing.

Are they suppose to get reinstated automatically?

How long should I wait for the settings to get put on the modem?

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Hi ImPeterB,


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I would recommend checking the Help & Support pages for NBN on our website here. You can also find the contact details for our NBN team there, in case you require further assistance.


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Once again Cheers Jenna,


I have confirmed with Tech Support Team, that if the modem is being factory reset, I have to ring them to reinstate the VoIP.

Lesson Learned: Don't factory reset modem.


I also used this feature get my settings back:

Settings - Backup
Backup Broadband Router configurations. You may save your router configurations to a file on your PC.