My bill for 9 Nov to 8 Dec has the wrong date & links to the previous bill

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My bill for 9 Oct to 8 Nov was $46.08.

The system now wants to charge me another $49.07 for the same period - see below!!!

Obviously, the $49.07 is for 9 Nov to 8 Dec. But I'm curious about how the system has the wrong dates and won't let me see my bill for 9 Nov to 8 Dec - the 'Download your PDF bill' links to the 9 Oct to 8 Nov bill.

Can you fix?  And is there any way these issues can be reported apart from posting to the forum?




AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Andorre. It does appear to be showing the incorrect dates on your latest bill in that screenshot. 

If you send me a private message with your account number I can follow this up with the tech team. Otherwise, the best way to report issues like this would be to click the "Message" button in the bottom right of your My Account page.

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The problem was fixed a couple of days ago when the next bill was issued.  The message button also now seems to have appeared at the right hand side of the screen - everything is now as it should be!