AGL deleted my online account

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I’ve been suffering the stress of AGL for almost 45 days now. I won’t get into all detail but let’s go with a big one.

Friday I was chatting away with online support to fix an address mishap on AGLS behalf regarding into transfer into my name. Wonderful.

so any who for some fantastic reason, and half a brain AGL has taken it upon themselves to delete my online account. I’ve spent hours trying to re-register my online account, have sat on the phone to the resolutions team and much to my low expectation of AGL no one can fix it or help me? How the heck am I meant to pay my nbn bill due the end of the week?

this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

also it shouldn’t take 45 days to get the internet in my name………


resurrect the issue 

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hey Brianna,

Given this was 6 weeks ago I assume you got your query resolved, but for any personal matters, best to re-attempt contact through phone. Forum is mostly for more general information, not specific to your account.

Best of luck with the matter. 

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