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On my computer, I have just paid with credit card in your AGL Rewards-Signature Rewards for 2 x $100 Coles eGift card= $200worth;(cost $196) the checkout says "delivered to ewallet"; but the icon that is ewallet says "$0 ewallet cash."  Why is this?  Where is the email that I can print out a paper copy of the egift card to take to Coles.  Also the checkout icon when clicked says shopping cart 2. (?) How does this system work? There are no other icons or tabs showing. HELP . User name- dunvegan

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Hi @dunvegan ,


Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with AGL Rewards. This may be an issue on our AGL Rewards partner's website. We're going to take a look into this and get back to you - Thanks for letting us know.

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Thanks for your reply to my problem.

I phoned the rewards service help line and a staff member talked me
through the next steps.  It is resolved ie yes could then download the
documents/egift cards.

The issue -It was not obvious what to do next... I had been at a
stalemate point 3/4 way through the process and there was no
buttons/message to click for the next step. It was waiting for me to
double click on my credit card details, but nothing said to do that.


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Hi @dunvegan


Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know. Glad to hear that was resolved for you now.


Kind Regards,


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Can you tell us how you get the vouchers emailed to you? or where is the wallet?

I paid for the Signature Reward card this morning but waited until 10 pm, and there is still no email. I checked my credit card statement, the money has already been taken by Signature Reward, 

Please help. 



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Hi @Rita3700, welcome!


The fulfilment of Rewards offers is done by the partner, in this case Signature Rewards. If you still haven't received it yet, you would need to contact them on 
1300 059 257 to follow up on the issue. Thanks- Mark.