Missing gift card

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When I signed up to AGL electricity there was an offer if you sign up and stay with AGL for at least 30 days you will receive a $100 gift card for which I received an email to redeem but when I redeemed using the email it said your prepaid gift card is on its way and it’s been almost a month since I got the email but nothing received on email or SMS. When will I receive it.



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I signed up on the same offer and it was approximately 10 business days after I received the email from when I received the SMS with redemption link and code. 

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I signed up with an offer from NIB for a $100 card after 30 days (I assume this is the same offer as the OP?).  It is close to 2 months since I signed up, but I haven't even received an email about it (let alone an SMS).  How long should I wait?

I also got an email about a month ago offering me $30 bill credits if downloaded and signed on with their app ($10) and enabled direct debit ($20).  I completed both steps and have just received my latest bill .. it has the $10 credit on it, but not the $20.  Who should I complain to?  (getting ready to look for another provider)