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Comparing AGL plans against each other is difficult enough, it seems it has been made difficult in order to muddy the waters. To then go and compare plans of other companies, even the comparison web sites is not so easy. It seems to me all customers wan the cheapest plan.

Eliminate the comparing of plans within AGL, here's how:-

  1. Ensure that direct debit is in place for all customers, so they are eligible for any plan.
  2. Each quarter when the bill is produced, show the 4 different quarterly amounts as if we had chosen each plan.
  3. Showing the 4 amounts clearly on the bill, highlight the lowest bill and make that the one the customer will be direct debited.
  4. Make this option an alternative to the original 4, at least a customer would be confident of the cheapest bill within AGL.

As well to understand the bill, the demand pricing, showing time of use metering when I only have 1 price across peak, shoulder & off peak. It is no wonder people get exasperated about electricity billing.


As a customer, on my electricity and gas bills, I would like to see a comparison not only of the amount of gas/electricity I have used over a 13-month period (as we have now) but also the bill amount comparison in dollars (or alternatively the cost per unit paid). This could be included using a graph line on the same figure as the other information or perhaps on another figure. I realize that this is information that a utility provider might be reluctant to communicate but I suggest that it is better to do so in the interests of transparency.

As a further note, I have to say that, in seeking to provide feedback to AGL, I found it difficult navigating my way to this webpage. I'm sure an easier way of channelling people here could be found.


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Hi @ColinPatterson,


Welcome to Neighbourhood! 


Thank you for the feedback, we'll certainly pass it on to our support team. In the meantime if you do need information regarding your past usage and charges, you can access this on your past bills in My Account or App, or you can get in touch with us and we'd be more than happy to provide this information to you. You can find different ways to contact us here


Kind Regards,


AGL Community Manager

Hi @ColinPatterson . Thanks for the feedback. I'm moving this over to our dedicated Ideas space for feedback, and we'll look into how we can make this easier to find as well.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @GeoffWIllett ,


We have a few initiatives coming up that will help to address your issues here! Changes are coming to the bill, and also to our My Account and App to improve transparency on some of these details.

How are you going about finding this information and making these decisions at the moment - do you use My Account or the app? or the information on your bill?