What's New for the AGL Mobile App v7.9 - For You Tab and Android Billing Widgets

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Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce we've recently launched version 7.9 of the AGL mobile app, adding a couple of handy new features: 

'For You' Tab 
– The new 'For You' tab allows you to combine mobile, nbn, electricity and gas services for great savings with AGL.


Android Billing Widgets –  Providing at-a-glance view of electricity and gas billing that is accessible from the phone’s home screen.


For You Tab:

The ‘For You’ tab shows available AGL offers to bundle your utilities including telco services (Mobile SIM and nbn) as well as add electricity and gas to save on your bills. The tab also provides mobile links where you can add another property with AGL, and even helps with your move home journey. See screenshots below:




Android Billing Widgets:

You asked for them, and here they are! We've had widgets for iOS for a while, and now they're available on Android as well, providing an "at-a-glance" view of electricity and gas bills that is accessible from your phone’s home screen. You can move widgets across home screen panels and resize them, and these widgets even support dark mode. See screenshots below:




To check it out for yourself, head over to Using the AGL App and download it today, or grab it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Help us keep improving the app

We're always looking for new ways to make the AGL app better. You can help too, by sharing your feedback and ideas about the AGL app on the AGL Mobile App Feedback and Ideas space, here on Neighbourhood.

If you have any feedback about this particular update, let us know in the comments below!