Usage/Bill projection data doesn’t show any data

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I have been with AGL for a few years and recently moved property. Since moving my App no longer shows any details regarding my daily usage and bill projection. I have contacted the AGL agents through their messaging app and have only been asked for my meter read each time and am ensured that it will fix the issue. I have been in contact with multiple agents over the past 6 months and have still had no resolution. I have submitted an enquiry through complaints and have still had no response. This is super frustrating to ensure the usage is accurate and to receive no help. Is anyone else having this same issue and has there been any resolution?

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Hi @Rvchael,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


Monitoring your usage is only available if you have a smart meter at your property. If you've been asked to submit a meter read for correct update, that indicates that you likely have a basic meter. These meter types don't have ability to send us your daily usage information. When your meter is read, the difference between your last read and current read, is your usage for that billing cycle, we however don't know when your usage was occurring. 


Smart meters record your usage in intervals and some have ability to send us daily usage information. This means that your usage data is available online. You can organise to have your meter upgraded to smart meter, with our Digital Metering team if you like. Before you do that, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details so I can confirm your meter type for you.


Kind Regards,


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Hi Rachael

I am having similar problems.  I have a smart meter and am having similar problems. I am constantly getting extremely high usage estimates with true readings being very late. My last true reading was 4 days ago so I don't really know how my usage is progressing. They say it takes 24 to 48 hours for data to come through but this is far from the case.very frustrating as I have been on chat messaging and had my questions ignored 

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hi @Coop1, I'll take a look at the reading data for you and get this sorted. I'll just send you a private message to get started. Regards- Mark.