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I Joined AGL 2 days ago and I'm already regretting it.... 

Trying to change my plan but link just comes up with an error...impossible to contact anyone to help, downloaded the App which is just as unhelpful as have now (expected wait time said 30mins)been waiting on the chat line for over 45mins...

AGL you need to get you act together ---not a happy new customer


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Yes, same experience here, new customer & testing this out for sure.

Bottom line: AGL very much needs to provide a secure email contact address, ie, asynchronous communication: we write when it suts, they reply when it suits.


Otherwise, clearly everything provided is designed to make customers give up or go away (like many big corps, likely preferences share holders far and above customers or employees):


  • Dead links on plans that go nowhere (the EV plan for example), ends up with an error message and 'contact support' after much time wasting;
  • Go to support & we get Chat and a bot that can't understand anything at all, then to a queue for an operation and very, very long wait times (go away, again);
  • Or use the phone number & same thing with very long wait times (go away, again).

    In any case, the only solution to anything is to ring them and wait, in my view.
AGL Moderator
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Hi @Sandyxx, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood. 


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues. We would need to look into your account to see why this is happening. I'll send you private message to grab your account details from you. 


Kind Regards,