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App not updating since 29 June. Web not updating since 29 June. Bill cycle ended 9 July but no bill yet. Account was in credit but is now frozen. Been told it’s so AGL can make sure correct pricing is applied. Can’t get any more information and sick of trying to get it sorted out. If not fixed soon I will moving to another supplier. Been with AGL for over 30 years and this has turned into a nightmare. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi Moth,


Thank you for reaching out.


It sounds like a bill block has been applied to your account, pending verification of metering data - this would be the cause of both the missing bill and app data.


If you have anymore questions about this issue, including when the bill block is expected to be lifted from the account - our contact centre is available 24/7.

You can find how to contact us via


Kind regards,

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate that the problem is being worked on, but I need to budget for expenses and with the increased costs for supply and use and no information for over a month I am worried about getting an unexpected large bill. I have both rang and messaged, but there is no answer as to how long it will take to fix as there are many others affected by this problem.