Past payments

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Hi, I would like to see past payments made to be readily available on this app, plus hourly usage would be very handy,. I read this was available in the past and would like to see it also, thanks 

AGL Community Manager
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Good news, @spaterson759 ! Both of these are already available in the app. To view past bills, just visit  the billing tab,  and scroll down to "past bills".


To see hourly usage (if you have a smart meter) , go to the usage tab, tap the graph, and then tap the specific day you want to break down into hourly usage.

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I also want to see past payments. Being a lost of payments made, how much and when.

I don't want to have to go into past bills and see it that way when my bills are only quarterly  I have to wait for the next bill to see any payments I have made within that period.