No Electricity Usage & Solar Feed-In info

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Hi All - it's been almost 11 days since we got a smart meter installed for our solar system and we still are yet to receive any usage data to control costs. Both the app and the online account do not have this information. I've phoned AGL several times and spoken to the Resolutions team who say it can take a while for this to work. After so many days I can't accept this excuse. Either something is not working or someone is not doing their job. Does anyone have any suggestions before I report this matter to the EWON ombudsman? Be well and stay safe.

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I am in exactly the same boat, Purchased a Solar Battery Bundle installed on the 23rd made the move to Solar Savers and i am still in the same boat no usage data ie: feed in tariff data etc.  And it is now June 8 i also spoke to resolutions team and was told the same.