New AGL app features: Netflix Activation + View Plan, Billing Section Uplift and Mobile Self Service

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What’s New in AGL app?


Netflix Activation and View & Manage Plan – allowing customers to activate their Netflix and view and manage their plan (screenshots below).


Direct Debit Setup on Billing Section – customers can setup and manage direct debit on their electricity, gas, and telco contracts (screenshots below).


Mobile Self Service – mobile customers can now modify their settings including enabling/disabling calls, SMS, and data, diverting calls, and order a replacement SIM.


‘Join the change’ Splash Screen Update – new login splash screen showcasing the ‘Join the Change’ campaign.


and more..  code optimisations, iOS 17 support, mobile offer updates on For You and more.



Netflix Activation and View Plan




Direct Debit Setup on Billing





To check out these features for yourself, head over to Using the AGL App and download the app today from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


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