AGL app electricity usage showing estimated data since Thursday November 23

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We are in Sydney on Ausgrid.

Since Thursday my AGL app electricity usage has only shown estimated data and previously it was showing actual data.

I notice the digital meter EDMI ATLAS Mk7A shows a solid red light for the connection state. Is that expected?

I can't recall what it showed when I was seeing data in the app.

Or is this more likely a problem on the Ausgrid/AGL side?

Thanks in advance 

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Take #2.

As of now the app is finally showing the actual data from Thursday to Saturday and the meter connection state is still solid red.

So the problem must have been at Ausgrid/AGL end.

I learnt something anyway about the meter connection state 🙂

Also I will wait a few more days if something similar happens again.

AGL Community Manager
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Good to hear it's sorted @lynnpw - let us know if you hit any more problems.