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Excessive energy usage - using the electricity of a house of 20 people!!

I have been an AGL customer for over 10 years. My most recent bill is ridiculous - using 55kWh a day! There is no way this is possible - we are a family of 5, 3 young kids. We do have a pool/spa/million tv’s, in fact it’s just 1 tv which is 5 star energy efficient. We replaced our old fridge with a more energy efficient one as well as our hot water heater. Our aircon has been used maybe 3 times this billing period for an hour at most. How is this usage possible? What is my next step in getting A ...
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Re: AGL Payment Matching program

Jayden thank you for your reply. Could you tell me if any more people will be accepted to this program? I am on Staying Connected but just spoke with someone on live chat who told me if I wasn’t contacted about it I won’t be able to get it 
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AGL Payment Matching program

Is anybody familiar with the AGL payment matching program and how to be eligible for it? I have been a loyal AGL customer for 12 years, never missed a payment but have huge bills that I just can’t get on top of. I pay $140 a fortnight at the moment, something like payment matching would have helped me so much but is it not getting offered to loyal customers?
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Re: Refund enquiry

Thanks for your help Rob 
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