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Credit Transfer Payment

I would like to see a payment method on the app for credit transfer from one account to another, when both accounts are linked. For example, my electricity is in credit, and my linked gas account is in debit. It would be nice to have the ability to transfer the available credit to pay the debit account.Electricity has +300.00Gas has -100.00After transferElectricity has +200.00Gas has +0.00
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Re: passwords and one time codes

I tried as your suggestion with a returned error message, Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. It appears your system is broken. Why don't you try and restore the system to a known working backup and stop trying to fix things which aren't broken, thus causing the system to break.
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passwords and one time codes

I can no longer use my password to log into my account. Instead some mental giant decided to mess with my account without my permission and change things to suit one time codes. Also using my android app, the same is also. true. I've noticed money disappearing from my account also. My online bill states I have $734.44 in credit. Now my android app shows $662.44. That makes $72.00 missing. Where did that go? If after 3 days, my issues are not resolved, I will change providers. DO NOT TEST MY RES ...
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