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Re: Nothing in billing

Similar problem, my last quarterly bill and daily usage data for March-June has vanished from the app soon after the 1/4 finished, the bill still arrived by email but cannot be accessed from the app?
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Variable FiT July 1 2018

Hello, I'm reading that the essential services commission (ESC) have announced changes to the solar feed in tariffs (FiT) effective July 1 2018. see link below.In addition to a fixed FiT, energy retailers are being requested to offer either a variable FiT i.e. time of day/week varying FiThttps://www.esc.vic.gov.au/document/energy/56875-minimum-electricity-feed-tariffs-apply-1-july-2018-final-decision/ I'm interested to know if AGL will be offering a variable FiT 1 July 2018 or sticking with the ...
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Re: HW day night switch

Hello Cruzasmum,Some of the smart meters allow you to 'boost' your hot water for a couple of hours by pressing a button on the smart meter.(Typically if your on a controlled load type tariff and it's a good feature in that you don't forget to switch it back)If you don't have this feature, I'd be requesting that your electrician kindly restore the switch or replace it with a modern equivalent.
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