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Can't disable SMS bill reminders

I keep getting SMS messages from AGL reminding me that my bill is due in a few days, even when the bill has already been paid automatically via BPay. I've checked in my account settings, but there seems to be no option to turn off these SMSes, and the SMSes themselves don't have any information about how to unsubscribe from receiving them.
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Unsolicited markting phone calls from AGL

What's galling is that these marketing calls from AGL are being made in direct contradiction to Australian law, specifically the Spam Act 2003, which specifies that a company must only use a supplied email address or telephone number for the purpose for which it was supplied. IE, if you didn't provide your phone number to AGL and didn't give your express permission for them to use it to contact you for the specific purpose of receiving marketing, then they have broken the law. They just inferred ...
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