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No usage data since Wednesday

Normally it seems smart meter data including feed in usage is available on the next day mid afternoon. However my meter data is missing for both Thursday and Friday (as at Saturday 11:00am). Am i the only one or is there an IT problem processing Thursdays meter reads?
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Re: Feed in errors

Thanks Jayden, This makes sense. My installer will be adding another 5KW to the rooftop this week so hopefully this will help reduce power drawn from the grid used by Air Conditioners
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Feed in errors

I have noticed that the "My AGL IQ" app has been under-reporting how much solar my house is generating each day.For example, according to the web page, Last Friday (12th Jan 2018), my electricity Feed in to the grid was 1.43KWh, however I checked the inverter at 5:37pm last friday (12th Jan) and it says that the system had generated 12.37kWh so far at that time of day. Please explain why AGL seems to be unaware of the correct feed in metering. I am now having doubts if any of my electricity feed ...
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