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More than double average gas usage - help!

Hi there, I live in an apartment block (consisting of roughly 50 units) and since moving in a year ago I've been having incredibly high gas bills. I've done a little bit of research on this and have come to the conclusion that my building must have a communal hot water system which is contributing to my high gas bills. We are a 2 bedroom unit with 3 people living here, (soon to be only 2). The only appliances in our home using gas other than apparently the hot water is our stove and oven. Over t ...
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Almost tripled gas bill!!

I recieved my latest gas bill today, which concerningly is almost 3 times the amount of my last bill. What is also concerning is that this is the 4th gas bill I've recieved from AGL and this quater was the first and only time somebody has actually come and read the meter inside my apartment. How am I supposed to know whether my previous readings were accurate and therefor the start number on the reading is correct to be providing me with a bill of $367.88 (11999 MJ) versus $132.12 (2581.97 MJ) l ...
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