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Re: Overcharged Gas Bill

Has agl sorted out this problem? I have the same problem with a gas bill that has tripled, and I'm just one person in a very small one bedroom flat. Agl has done their best to ignore the issue and tell me I just have to keep paying, after a complaint I was contacted by both energy watch and red energy today who both compared my electricity bills and said that agl has been over charging me by $100 per quarter on electricity and supply charge, that's $400 a year. They will be sending someone next ...
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How does agl do their billing? I live in an apartment block with 20 one bedroom apartments all identical to each other all with the same appliances and all with agl. How ever we discovered we are all being charged different rates for our electricity and gas. One particular person isn't even paying a supply charge yet my latest bill is still $200 more then his, did I mention our flats are identical exactly the same appliances. When I asked agl to explain how my bill tripled in price I was told by ...
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Re: I need the email address please

Same way most companies deal with problems. Be difficult, deny responsibility, put up language barriers, blame everything but yourself, delete negative reviews, then ignore the customer until they give up... Problem solved! The best excuse agl have used with me is, our computers are in control and tell us what to do and how much to charge people. I though that was a good one, agl staff have watched terminator. My first 2 bills in my new flat were predicted on another persons bill who lived here ...
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quality services

For agl to provide service quality that meets the needs and expectations of customers, it is necessary that everyone in the organisation understands that it is the customers who pays their wages. If the customer is not satisfied with the service provided or if agl keeps raising its prices beyond the customers ability to pay, there will always be a competitor who can provide what they need at reasonable prices with quality service, eg. solar power, renewable energy. obviously if all your custome ...
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