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Re: Unexplainable energy consumption increase

Hi Laura I have no ideas, sorry, but am experiencing something similar. I recently got a catch up bill for $1000 on top of my normal bills. The electrician came (cost $550!?!) and fixed an appliance but it us happening again. I have had no luck whatsoever speaking with AGL, and no insights from this community (yet). I can't help you sorry, but you're not alone. All the best, Susan
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re my mid bill insights email below: I am concerned that 64% of my cost to date is spent on heating. I only have underfloor heating which is turned on for a couple of hours each day. (M-F 6-7am and 16.45-19.15, S-S 8-9am and 17.00-19.00). I recently had a problem with this heating and have had that fixed - but I am concerned that there may be something else wrong?? I am also concerned that my electricity use spikes at about 3am and then again at 2pm most days, although I am not doing anything ...
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