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Re: Unexplainable energy consumption increase

Thanks to both of you for your messages. Turns out when we got solar a year ago the sparkies who upgraded our switch board wired our neighbour’s air conditioner and hot water system onto our meter! We live in a duplex so share a switch board with our neighbours. We have new neighbours this winter who are using reverse cycle on the air con a lot, hence the increase in bill. Needless to say we have been appropriately reimbursed for the electricity we have paid over the last year and the money we’v ...
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Unexplainable energy consumption increase

Hi Everyone, I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out why my electricity bill has more than tripled in the last month. We usually pay about $70 a month, but last month's bill was $240!!!!! We have solar, not a huge system, but we usually export back to the grid each day. But even before we got solar our bills were never this much. There are just three of us in the home (myself, my husband, and our 10 month old daughter). Our AGL usage via the app shows everything travelling normally until the 1 ...
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