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Re: Incorrect amount on gas and electricity bills

Hi Jayden, unfortunately this is not true "it's great to hear that our billing team were able to take care of things for you!" I received another bill today through my BPay View with a different amount and with a different due date. It is getting extremely confusing. I logged in to AGL portal and notice that the amount advised by the helpdesk people had changed (lucky for me I have screenshots to prove the changes) and a new bill issued with different amount and different due date. Not impressed ...
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Incorrect amount on gas and electricity bills

I have organised to have my bills paid directly through BPay View, to my shock the bill included the previous amount to be paid again even though I had already paid on time. Upon calling the call centre for AGL I was advised of the correct amount to pay and the person said it was some billing error. I requested for a amended bill with the correct amount to be sent and it is yet to be rectified. Is anyone experiencing the billing errors for this month? CheersAntony
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