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Re: Solar monitoring cost

Thank you I was never informed of the free option in previous conversations but my question is not quite answered. The free app only tells if your system is working. It does not give you an idea of how much you can save. You must pay for that. But only with solar. With grid power the same service was free. Why is that?
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Solar monitoring cost

Why is there a charge to monitor the Solar energy I use now I have solar panels, but when I was paying in full for power my monitoring was free? Seems like a sneaky way to claw back any tiny, lost profit to me.
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Bill period is too long

I would like to know why, when I look across 12 months of bills they are all approx 90 days but my Oct-Jan bill was only 77 days. Now my Jan-Apr bill period is 110 days long. This is an additional two weeks and seems completely out of line given the weather has now started to cool down. Can I expect this all the time now 
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