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Covid 19 Government rebate

Hi AGL, Wondering when the below will come into effect for my residential account? It wasn't applied on my 1-31 March, statement and can't see a credit on my account balance for the 1-30 April charges (statement not yet issued just balance when logged in) Q. When will Queenslanders start to receive theutility payment?• Government is working with retailers toget the payment to households as soon aspossible. Depending upon when their billfalls due, customers will begin to see thepayment over the c ...
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Discounts for direct debit

I moved house recently and the new property's account isn't receiving the 28% discount I used to get at my old property. When I enquired by web chat I was told that AGL had decreased prices and no discounts were available anymore. My tarrifs are identical.Can someone please confirm if there are discounts available for long term customers but on new accounts due to moving house?
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