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Re: electricity accounts - supplied information

sorry, but that information regarding readings is not correct i tried to cut and paste a screenshot of page 2 details, but suffice to quote :Energy Plan: SaversMeter Read kWhno. type52919 Actual 976.4252919 Actual 437.19552919 Actual 304.006Your electricity usage is measured by an interval meter, this means that you will not see a start or endreading on your bill. Instead, the total amount of your electricity usage is shown. Your next meterread is due between 13 Jan 16 and 19 Jan 16. Please ensu ...
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electricity accounts - supplied information

can you please explain why the account no longer supplies the start and end readings for each billing period ? giving the amount used might be convenient, but it demonstrates no transparency as to the accuracy of the actual numbers used to calculate it, nor possibility to compare them to current meter readings also, on the "snapshot", can you please add the total usage for the bill reading, as currently it is nowhere on the account whatsoever - i need to manually add the three (or when you chang ...
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