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Bill smoothing - AGAIN

AGAIN, AGL have sent an email advising they are closing our bill smoothing a/c (residential) even though we have substantial credits on both gas and electricity a/c's.Having spoke to them as recenty as 13/09 about their previous advisements and, assuring us the problem would be fixed, we've rec'd another email today 06/10.I'm beginning to think AGL are so inept it is a joke.Andrew Vesey needs to get off his proverbial and find out what is wrong with their billing system. If it happens again, my ...
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AGL Customer Accounts

I find dealing with AGL perplexing as I think they have no idea how their bill smoothing/ accounts system works.Firstly let me explain. I find the idea of a bill smoothing mechanism a great idea (assuming the system works) as it helps with budgetting, particularly for the elderly on pensions such as my mother. However, to receive an email message informing you your bill smoothing acount is being closed can invoke trepidation for the elderly, particularly when your account is in CREDIT by a consi ...
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