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Connected home hub

I've just picked up a Nest smoke alarm and outdoor camera, with the hope I can connect to my Angee home security system. I'm mega keen to connection other devices in my home (LIFx light globes, etc). Can anyone recommend a central hub (like Amazon Echo or Google Home) that is available in Australia?
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Announcement: NSW/QLD flood response

We have been working with relevant authorities to identify customers who may have been impacted by the recent floods and wild weather in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Queensland. If AGL customers are impacted by the storms and experiencing financial distress, our assistance program Staying Connected will be available to support households through this difficult time. A number of distribution companies are responsible for the supply of power, delivered by poles and wires, across the impa ...
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Announcement: Hoax emails in circulation

Updated: 6th October 2016 Customers and non-customers have received scam emails that are falsely claiming to be from AGL. The emails are presented as an eBill titled 'Account overview', 'Paperless Billing' or 'My Monthly Billing' (see examples below). Interacting with the email may result in the downloading of Malware that has the ability to access your personal files. Anyone receiving a suspicious email should delete it immediately or, if opened, not click on any links within the email. ...
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Re: Conneting

@John You can also connect your electricity/gas online from here: https://www.agl.com.au/residential/energy-plans/electricity-and-gas-plans
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