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Wrong service address and billing

Hi, I have been billed for a service address I am not residing on or never resided. Even was billed for the period I was not the customer of AGL. Have been trying to sort this out since I joined wth AGL in Feb 2019, without any outcome. Have moved my retailer because of this reason, and they still keep sending me the bills of the wrong service address. How do we sort this out? Thanks, Rehan
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Hi, I am new to AGL, and connected on February 14, 2019. This is a new house I built and got the Electricity and Gas connection done and activated from 14th February 2019. Unfortunately, on my gas connection, the supply address is wrong and it shows being billed based on the location in Epsom Road in Melbourne. My address is in Tarneit. Secondly, my electricity meter, the bill it shows from July 2018, yet to be paid, and I was never the customer if AGL during that period. They had meter numbers ...
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