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Re: Unable to get support from AGL on AGL installed solar system (Solis)

Steve, the solar team has reverted. I understand that a second new inverter will be installed. Accordingly, a warranty claim was submitted to the manufacturer "Solis" to replace our faulty new inverter. By way of background, this is 2nd inverter (Solis) will replace our old inverter (Solis). Our old inverter only has a one year lifespan. The new inverter (2nd inverter that replaces our old inverter) has a lifespan of 1 month. I am seriously not confident and not happy with the inverter ...
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Unable to get support from AGL on AGL installed solar system (Solis)

We have installed a 5.3KW solar panel system via AGL that comes with a Solis inverter approximately 1 year ago. The inverter (Solis) broke down 1 year after installation. A new inverter (same as the original) was installed 1 month ago and it has broken down completely 2 weeks ago. Tried contacting AGL solar team on 1300 377 118 at least 20 times from yesterday and today. All i get is an answering machine requesting to leave message and someone will call back. Tried that and still received ni ...
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