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Re: Solar net meter installation - time frame

Hi Jaydeny This is to let you know that the meter has been replaced (exchanged to smart meter) yesterday by activestream please see below. But when i tried to change my current plan to solar saver, the website wont let me change the plan. Can you please let me know how to do that? i.e the procedure to convert from savers plan to solar saver plan just the electricity plan? When I called the helpdesk they said my account needs to be first convert into solar enabled account.
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Solar net meter installation - time frame

Hi This is regarding the new solar net meter exchange for my property. I have installed the solar panel on 13 Nov 2018 and put in a request for the meter exchange same day itself and was given 4 business weeks to complete the exchange, so I called last week (26/11/2018) to know about the progress they said it is schedule for that week so will happen at any time. But did not happen so I called today( 03/12/2018) they said it will happen any time within 30 business days after my call was escalate ...
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