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Re: Digital Meter Upgrade

Hi Jordan Thanks , I will send an email to your complaints department.Its a waste of time ringing your Digital metereing team , they are the ones that said the best option is for me to buy my own meter.Getting information from them is all but impossible the email address you gave me complaints@agl.com.au however bounces back.Appreciate if you can send me the right address RegardsJack
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Digital Meter Upgrade

I have posted about getting a meter upgrade before. Another 6 weeks has passed and AGLnow tell me that"There is no schedule for your area and since youve been waiting so long you could why dont you buy your own""REALLY AGL ! Dont you have any idea of service. Its appalling that after waiting 12 months since I was first promised that you would tell me the best option is to but my own meter.Is there a hidden agenda here not to fulfill your responsibility and change meters ?
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Re: Digital Net meter upgrade

The moderator said if I contacted her she would investigate. Of course I never heard back!! Havent had time to consider changing yet
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Digital Net meter upgrade

Hi , Im a 10 year plus AGL customer very frustrated trying to get a net meter installed . I have been promised over the past 6 months on several occasions , even been given a date on a couple of occasions and been told that a work order has been raised (29/04) but no one ever turns up to complete the job.On my last call yesterday, one of probably10 in 6 months I was told that it SHOULD happen in the next month or two and thats the best they can tell me.AGL your customer service is appalling and ...
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