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Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Service Requirements

I am considering replacing my ancient in roof electric hot water service with a gas instantaneous unit. I have been told that I will need to have larger gas piping Could I still do it with the existing pipes but with a larger gas meter?
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Abnormal Controlled Load Usage

My last 4 AGL Energy Insight reports have shown July - 36% of my electricity was used in the night between 12am and 6am and we used 22% more on hot water than similar homes. The figures for Aug was 38% and 19%, SEPT 41% and 37% and Oct 46% and 61%. We are a two person home I believe that this shows that there is something abnormal going on with the controlled load. How can we identify if there is a problem, and is it possible to reduce the period during which our hot water system is using el ...
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