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Re: Adding my partner to my AGL account

If I'm understanding OP and others who are having the same problem as me, we can all find the link just fine we're just struggling to find where the 'Care' section is to add our partners to the Mailing Address as Nam suggested, and it doesn't give too many details on that in the link provided, only how to edit Phone and Email. I thought perhaps we're just meant to add it to the mailing address, but I can't find where to update that as it's not in Contact Details, even if you switch off eBilling. ...
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Quarterly bill looks high??

Can someone help out - does this sound right?? I just received my quarterly bill as I've now been living at my place for 3 months, and have been charged $362.I'm living by myself in a brand new small, one-bedroom unit with 2 ceiling fans. I only have a small bar fridge, a brand new washing machine that I use once every 2 weeks at most, a brand new dishwasher that I used once before opting to wash my dishes by hand and in the last two weeks bought a new tv - before this I didn't have one. I only ...
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