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Re: Meter Installation Delay

I do appreciate that the system of the so call 'power of choice' and meter roll out that has been set up by the NSW government is a complete stuff up. All I would like is written confirmation of the install date, I have only got, when I have rang, a virbal date that has been cancelled without telling me. How do I receive a written confirmation of the booking, SMS, email anything. I have been told I will not get confirmation until the date of the booking and have not been told of the procedure. D ...
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Meter Installation Delay

Hi I have come here in desperation because I cannot find contact numbers for Activestream.I am a level 2 ASP with a customer which I am moving the meter box from an enclosed veranda to the outside wall. The main course of events are:30 Aug: I put in an application to AGL to have the meter moved/changed to the new meterbox.I rang (Professional people at your Philippines call centre) a few days after putting in the application and was given the install date of 5 OctOn 4 Oct the customer receive an ...
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