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Re: why have I received an overdue account for a Bill paid by it's due date. Very angry

Hello,My latest gas bill says my bill is overdue or underpaid from last bill, not sure which, it's not clear.My last bill was due on the 1st April. I paid the account on the 28th March, it came out of my bank on the 28th March and this latest AGL bill records also that I paid on the 28th March, ie early. I would private message for help but I can't see where to do that on this page.I need this to be cleared up as I always pay early and as this current account is due on 2 May the credit needs to ...
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Llyn Conductor

Re: Last gas bill has doubled

I have the same problem. Checking back over the past 18 months my bills have gone from about $30-50 then suddenly around May 2017 I was being charged a Peak Next on top of my Peak and this was sometimes charged twice and my bills are now between $80-$170+ depending on the season!I queried the sometimes actual and estimate reads recently because I couldn't understand why my bills are so high now even allowing for annual increases. This was explained as they only actually read the meter once every ...
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