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Seasonal tou

Hihas AGL changed there billing structure like most other providers to reflect the seasonal time of use structure that is used in the Ausgrid network??? Also I have been trying to change my controlled load from two to one for about six months now. I have a smart meter that can be done remotely so I don’t know what the problem is.regards
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Re: Change from time of use to flat rate

The final phone call I have received has told me that if I am within the Ausgrid network and on time of use, I will not be able to change back to single tariff. The lady on the phone said she had called Ausgrid.I was also told that AGL will be applying the seasonal time of use times. If this is not correct, why not? And I will be changing providers if this is the case.regardsTrent
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Trenta Semiconductor

Change from time of use to flat rate

Can I switch from time of use to the flat rate with controlled load 1 without changing my meters in the Ausgrid network? I currently have digital meters.i have been given different information depending on who I talk to at AGL.
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