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Re: VPP - Virtual Power Plant

Sorry you missed my post... is the one above yours... I blogged about it as it went in... link to my message in the post.I am now monitoring the whole setup and will write again after 2 weeks of use... so expect to see something from my by end of this week.All in all I am pretty pleased with how it is working. Like you, my 5.5 is working way above expected. Went in in August and is about 2,5mWh produced right now across winter.According to my metering I have not used from the grid since I went ...
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Re: Virtual Power Plant discussion thread

I am having my virtual power plant installed right now. I have more electrical brains on my driveway than anyone needs... except me right now.I am excited about the whole process and the potential.I have posted my own blog comment about it all and invite you to take a look.I am very happy to be the first of these to be installed here in Adelaide. The process has been excellent so far. The people on site right now are serious professionals who have a great committment to what they are a part of.I ...
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