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Price hike after solar connection

We had a 2 year plan when our solar system was connected to AGL. The day after informing us about the connection we were informed: "We recently reviewed your account and found that the pricing originally quoted for your energy plan was incorrect". Well, this was a plan they had rolled us over onto and someone from the complaints department informed me that it runs for 2 years.In the new plan the peak period became 7am - 11 pm, the daily rate, the initial rate and the second rate increased consid ...
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Re: Solar smart meter installation time

We are having similar issues with AGL. Something that just requires a computer input to configure by now taken 2 months. Every time I call up to check, there is another hurdle or excuse. We are never contacted about these issues and written communication is near impossible to initiate. Not all customer care personnel have the same knowledge, most are actively trying to get rid of you as fast as possible. nobody says hello or how are you, and nobody goes out of their way to sort out issues. They ...
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