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Re: new charges as of 1 July 2015

Hey @Brian, Really sorry you haven't received any communications from us about these changes. We'll look into this and find out why you didn't receive any correspondance from us - leave your account details via our Support Form. It's difficult to give you the right info without taking a look into your account, but if you're in QLD, this Knowledge Base article will be useful. Let us know if you need anything else. Cheers, Lauren
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Re: why can't AGL Close Off accounts when requested????

Really concerned to hear this @Anonymous and we'd like to get in touch ASAP to make sure this is resolved. Can you submit your account details via our Support Form so we can get in touch? Hope to hear from you soon. Lauren
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Re: GAS connection process goes forever

We'd really like to make sure your gas connection is sorted @gastello - 10 months is definitely too long for this to be going on. Can you send us your account details via our Support Form so we can begin investigating? We will then get in touch today with an update and information on the actions we will take to have this resolved ASAP. Cheers, Lauren
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Re: what is peak next??

Hi @Randall, Because pricing structures are determined by your network opertator and depend on where you are located they may vary, which is why you've noticed a difference since you've moved. If you are billed according to Peak/Off Peak/Next Peak, it means your distributor (who you can look up here), has structured their pricing so usage is pro-rated based on the billing period and is generally based on the time of year (not the time of day). We publish all this info on the website as Ene ...
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